PS5 Guide: Ultimate PlayStation 5 Resource

PS5, or PlayStation 5 as it’s fully named, is Sony’s fifth home console. It’s the successor to the PS4, which released in November 2013. The manufacturer has announced a PS5 release date, with the system deploying first on 12th November in selected regions. The company has also confirmed a PS5 price, with PS5 stock now available around the world. You can find out How to Get PS5 Stock Notifications through the link.

In this PS5 guide, we’ve compiled the ultimate PlayStation 5 resource. We’re going to share everything you need to know about the system’s hardware, including its SSD, ray tracing, and 3D audio. In addition, you’ll find all PS5 announced games and all PS5 launch games, as well as the lowdown on PS5 backwards compatibility. For a more thorough look at the console and its features, refer to the following: PS5 Review – Should You Buy It?

PS5 Guide: Hardware

PS5 Guide

PS5 is the most powerful PlayStation that Sony’s ever made. In addition to a supercharged customised CPU and GPU, the system also plays host to an ultra-high speed SSD hard drive, allowing for lightning fast loading speeds and entirely new experiences. Furthermore, the console also boasts hardware ray tracing, support for up to 120 frames-per-second, eye-popping 8K output, and 3D audio.

  • The ultra high-speed SSD means that games will load quicker than ever before. It also means that more data can be extracted from the hard drive faster than on previous consoles, opening up new possibilities to game developers, such as the inter-dimensional transitions seen in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.
  • Hardware ray tracing allows rays of light to be individually simulated, creating reflections and shadows that are much more realistic than those seen on previous consoles. This ultimately enables developers to create more believable visuals, allowing titles like Gran Turismo 7 to push the boundaries of photo-realism.
  • Support for up to 120 frames-per-second will allow select titles to run smoother than on previous consoles. While it will be down to the game developer to make individual decisions about how their titles perform, PS5 can process blistering framerates. Here’s a list of all PS5 games running at 120 frames-per-second.
  • 8K output means that the PS5 will be compatible with 4320p resolution displays. Once again, resolutions will be down to each developer’s own discretion, but you should expect the vast majority of titles to run at native 4K with HDR.
  • 3D audio, powered by PlayStation’s proprietary Tempest Engine, pertains to the ability to individually process 1,000s of audio sources at once, creating more immersive soundscapes that will heighten your enjoyment while playing.

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Tech Specs

PS5’s tech specs, or technical specifications, mean that it’s the most powerful PlayStation ever released. Below you’ll find a full breakdown of the PlayStation 5’s hardware components.

CPU8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz (Variable Frequency)
GPU36CUs at 2.23GHz (Variable Frequency)
GPU ArchitectureCustomised RDNA 2
Memory16GB GDDR6
Memory Bandwidth448GB/s
Storage825GB Customised SSD
I/O Throughput5.5GB/s (Raw), Typical 8-9GB/s (Compressed)
Optical Drive (Optional)4K UHD Blu-ray Drive
Dimensions390mm x 104mm x 260mm*

* Dimensions and weight apply to standard PS5

Of course, these numbers may not mean much to you in isolation, and you’re probably curious how the PS5 compares to both the PlayStation 4 and its primary competitor, the Xbox Series X. Fortunately, you can find full comparisons through the following links: PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S and PS5 vs PS4.

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Sony’s put a huge emphasis on the PS5’s SSD, which has been customised to allow for blisteringly fast transfer speeds. The advantages of this technology mean that games will load faster, but it also enables new gameplay possibilities, such as the inter-dimensional transitions showcased in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. The comparison table below demonstrates the I/O throughput differences between several different devices, and showcases just how much quicker the PS5 is at grabbing data compared to the competition.

ComponentPS5Xbox Series XPS4
I/O Throughput5.5GB/s (Raw)
8-9GB/s (Compressed)
2.4 GB/s (Raw)
4.8 GB/s (Compressed)

In terms of storage space, the PS5’s SSD has a rather unorthodox 825GB capacity (See Also: PS5 SSD: How Much Storage Space Does It Have?), although you will be able to extend this by purchasing compatible NVMe SSD drives. For a full list of all PS5 compatible SSD drives, refer to our guide: Which SSD Drives Will Be Compatible with PS5? You can also learn more about the PS5’s storage solution with our guide: PS5 SSD: Why It’s Better Than HDD.

You’ll be able to install your backwards compatible PS4 games on the PS5’s SSD and take advantage of its improved loading speeds, but if you’d prefer to save precious storage space then you’ll also have the option to connect an external HDD hard drive to significantly expand your storage options. For a full list of Best PS5 and PS4 External Hard Drives, click through the link.

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Ray Tracing

Ray tracing is a graphics technology designed to simulate the way light and shadow works in the real world. In effect, ray tracing works by simulating and tracking each ray of light from the source, resulting in photo-realistic scenes. It’s the same technology that’s used in CG movies by major motion picture companies like Disney Pixar, and while the technology is intensive, it can provide stunning results.

You can see the effect in action in a handful of upcoming PS5 games. For example, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart uses ray tracing on Clank’s metallic chassis, illuminating his shiny surface and accurately reflecting any nearby light sources. We also can see the effect in action in Gran Turismo 7, on both the helmets of drivers, the exterior of vehicles, and inside the cockpits of cars. For more information on ray tracing, you can refer to our guide: PS5 Ray Tracing: What Is It?

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3D Audio

3D Audio, powered by PS5’s proprietary Tempest Engine, refers to the simulation of spatial positioning across potentially 1,000s of different sound sources. Effectively, the technology allows the console to render sounds in a more natural manner, meaning that the console can simulate spaces and accurately place sounds in accordance to your position within them. For example, if someone walks behind you, the PS5 will process the position of those footsteps and you’ll hear them as if they’re occurring in real-life.

This not only promises to improve the immersion in a wide-range of different games, but it can also allow for all-new gameplay mechanics, perhaps where your vision is impaired and you need to use audio to navigate. Similarly, this technology can be used to improve accessibility, helping to more accurately communicate on-screen actions for those who are visually impaired. You can learn more about 3D audio in our guide: PS5 3D Audio: What Is PlayStation 5’s Tempest Engine?

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In most cases, the PS5 runs without a hitch, but there are a few teething issues people are finding as they get to grips with the new console. For example, some users are finding their DualSense PS5 controller isn’t charging in Rest Mode, while others are reporting issues with the download queue. As these issues arise, we’ll be attempting to find solutions where possible, so keep checking back to find fixes for common PS5 problems.

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PS5 Guide: Games

PS5 Guide Games Horizon Forbidden West

A console is nothing without games to play on it, and Sony is promoting PS5 with the marketing slogan Play Without Limits. Just some of the games announced for the next-gen console include Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Forbidden West. You can find a full list of all PS5 announced games through the link. You can also find new PS5 game release dates in 2021 and all PS5 first-party exclusives, as well as a list of all PS5 rumoured games.

PS5 will also be backwards compatible with PS4, meaning that you’ll be able to play 1,000s of PlayStation 4 games on the next-gen console from launch, with enhancements courtesy of PS5 Game Boost. There will also be an upgrade path for select titles, meaning that if you already own the PS4 version of a particular game you’ll be able to play the PS5 edition at no extra cost. This scheme is title specific, and doesn’t have a catchy name like PS5 Smart Delivery, but you can find out which games are supporting the initiative in our guide: PS4 to PS5: All Games with Confirmed Free Upgrades.

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Backwards Compatibility

As mentioned above, the PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4, meaning that you’ll be able to play 1,000s of existing PS4 games on your PS5 from launch. For more information on backwards compatibility, you can refer to our guides: PS5 Backwards Compatibility: Can You Play PS4 Games on PlayStation 5? and PS5 Backwards Compatibility: All PS4 Games That Don’t Work. There will also be no support for previous PlayStation platforms on the PS5, such as the PS1, PS2, and PS3, and you can find out more about this through the link: PS5 Backwards Compatibility: Can You Play PS3, PS2, and PS1 Games on PlayStation 5?

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Best PS5 Games

Now that the PS5 has released, we’ve started to build out our list of the best PS5 games guides. However, there’s much work to be done in this department, as we wait for the next-gen console’s catalogue to expand. In the meantime, we recommend you refer to our list of new PS5 game release dates in 2021 for a look at all upcoming software.

PS5 Guide: DualSense

PS5 Guide DualSense Controller

DualSense is the name of Sony’s next-gen PS5 controller, and is an iteration of the DualShock line of peripherals which was first introduced on the PS1. The handset shares a similar design philosophy to the PS4 controller, the DualShock 4, although it’s been given the DualSense moniker due to its improved immersion properties. Among its key features are haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone array. You can learn more about the controller in our guide: PS5 Controller: DualSense Features, Price, and Battery Life.

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Create Button

DualSense’s Create Button is an evolution of the DualShock 4’s Share Button. Located to the left of the PS4 controller’s touch pad, Sony’s said that it’s « pioneering new ways for players to create epic gameplay content to share with the world, or just to enjoy for themselves ». It’s yet to announce what kind of features it will be incorporating, but you can refer to our guide for more information: PS5 DualSense Create Button: What Does It Do?

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PS5 Guide: PS Plus

PS5 Guide PS Plus

PS Plus, or PlayStation Plus, is Sony’s inter-generation subscription service. For a monthly or annual fee, the membership unlocks several benefits, including access to online multiplayer, free monthly games, exclusive deals and discounts, and cloud saves. You can find a full list of benefits in our guide: PS Plus: What Is It and Is It Worth it?

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PS5 Guide: PS Now

PS5 Guide PS Now

PS Now, or PlayStation Now, is Sony’s cloud-based game streaming subscription service. Much like alternatives such as Google Stadia, this allows you to experience PlayStation games without the need to run them on local hardware. Instead, the software is streamed via the Internet, similarly to Netflix content. The advantage of PS Now is that content can also be downloaded and played natively on hardware such as the PS4, making the service a competitor to Xbox Game Pass as well. You can find out more about PS Now courtesy of our guide: PlayStation Now FAQ: Everything You Need to Know.

At the time of writing, the Japanese giant has not explained how PS Now will work on PS5, but it has expressed interest in growing the service. Currently the service supports PS3 and PS4 software, which can be streamed on the PS4 and PC. PS4 titles can also be downloaded and played natively on the PS4.

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PS5 Guide: Accessories

PS5 Guide Accessories

Sony has announced a range of official accessories scheduled to launch alongside the PS5. The selection of optional extras includes: the Media Remote, the HD Camera, the DualSense Charging Station, and the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. You can pre-order these, as well as the DualSense controller itself, in the following guide: PS5 Accessories Pre-Orders: Where to Buy PS5 Accessories. There are also a selection of third-party accessories for you to consider, and we’ve compiled them in the following guide: Best PS5 Accessories.

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Media Remote

A slick and stylish remote control, the PS5’s Media Remote comes with a microphone for voice recognition purposes. It’ll have four dedicated buttons for media services, giving you quick access to the likes of Disney+, YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify. It also adopts the same two-tone colour scheme as the console and DualSense controller, making it an attractive option if you’re looking for consistency across all your multimedia goods.

HD Camera

An evolved version of the PlayStation Camera, the PS5’s HD Camera features dual 1080p lenses and is being marketed as an essential accessory for streamers. It’s got a cute two-tone clamshell design which can be used to fasten it to the top of your television.

DualSense Charging Station

A station for you to store and charge two DualSense controllers, the DualSense Charging Station adopts the same two-tone design as the PS5 controllers themselves. The handsets are powered using a port at the bottom of the peripheral, as opposed to using the USB-C input on the top.

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

Designed to take advantage of the PS5’s proprietary Tempest Engine-powered 3D audio technology, the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset also features two noise cancelling microphones for high-quality communication during games.

PS5 Guide: PSVR

PS5 Guide PSVR

PlayStation VR is Sony’s virtual reality headset which first released for the PS4 in October 2016. Also known as PSVR, the technology allows you to experience games as if you’re living inside them, with 3D depth to the image and the game world surrounding you from above, to the sides, and behind. The existing PSVR headset will be fully functional on the PS5, allowing you to play virtual reality games both natively developed for the next-gen console and using PS4 backwards compatibility. While PSVR is compatible with PS5, you will need to obtain a special camera adaptor in order for it to work. To learn more, visit our guide: How to Get a Free PS5 PlayStation Camera Adaptor for PSVR. You can find a list ofAll PS5 Games with PSVR Support through the link.

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PS5 Guide: UI

PS5 Guide Operating System

Sony has revealed the PS5’s UI, or user interface, along with some of its key features. While some aspects of PS5’s operating system are similar to PS4’s, it makes some big changes in other areas. Running at 4K and in HDR, the user interface has some innovative features up its sleeve, such as the Control Center, Cards system, and Game Help. Additionally, PlayStation Store has been integrated at a system level. It isn’t a standalone app anymore, meaning it will run much faster on PS5. Let’s go through everything you need to know about PS5’s UI.

Control Center

The biggest addition to PS5’s user interface is the Control Center. Accessed by tapping the PS button on your DualSense controller, this new menu overlays whatever you’re doing, and provides you with all kinds of options. It presents you with a series of tiles, or Cards, which feature contextual options related to what you’re playing at the time. For example, if you’re playing a game like Sackboy: A Big Adventure, you can use these Cards to access specific levels, or track progress on collectibles. You can read more about Cards below.

Underneath the Cards in the Control Center is a row of icons that give you all kinds of options. You can use it to access the Home screen, swap between recently used games and apps, check notifications, access your profile, access Parties, and change certain settings. This section can be customised, so you can pick and choose what options are available in this part of the Control Center.


Found within the Control Center, the Cards system is new for PS5, and lets you interact with games in all sorts of interesting ways. Tap the PS button on your controller once to bring up the Control Center, and you’ll see a row of Cards on screen. Here are a few things these Cards can do:

Home Screen

The PS5’s Home Screen is the main landing page you’ll see when you first boot up your PS5. It looks similar to PS4’s main menu, with a string of icons for your recent games and apps. This ribbon of icons is much smaller, though, making way for screen-sized splash screens for your games. Scroll down on a game you have highlighted, and you’ll see a series of Activities and Cards you can interact with. It also gives you a quick glance at Trophy progress for each title.

The Explore section is a space where publishers and developers will be able to share all the latest updates on games you’re following or have purchased. This feature is only available in the US at launch, but will come to other territories later.

PlayStation Store

Accessed via the Home Screen, PlayStation Store on PS5 is set to be a much better experience than on PS4. Rather than a standalone app, PS Store on PS5 is integrated at a system level, meaning it should be much snappier to navigate. You’ll be able to buy PS5 software as well as backwards compatible PS4 and PSVR games.

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Firmware Updates

Now that the PS5 has released, you’ll find a full record of all PS5 firmware updates below. Bookmark this page or check back in the future for more information.

20.02-02.25.0017th November, 2020Improves system performance
20.02-02.26.0025th November, 2020Improves system performance
20.02-02.30.009th December, 2020Improves system performance

PS5 Guide: Apps

PS5 Guide Apps

PS5 is, first and foremost, a games console, but like the PS4 it will also play host to a range of different multimedia apps. You can find a full list of all PS5 apps through the link. Some of the apps you should expect include: Netflix, Apple TV, and Disney+. These will be contained in their own separate part of the PS5’s user interface, segregating them from games but making them easily accessible.

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And that just about concludes our PS5 guide. Remember to bookmark this page as we learn more about Sony’s next-gen console and update our ultimate PlayStation 5 resource. Also, if you have any comments, suggestions, or tips please be sure to share them in the comments section below.


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